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Five Minute Friday: 31 Day Writing Challenge

This site is for light-skinned mamas raising brown babies. I’m launching this blog alongside the 31 writing challenge hosted by Five Minute Friday.

Each day in October, I’ll be back here to share musings on the one word “prompt” that was provided to us. (I’ll be using the prompt to generate a question/topic moms of multiracial children should be consider asking)

You can expect this to be raw and unfiltered. (This isn’t my normal way of writing but I’d like to try something new!) Below are the topics I intend on writing about, buttttttt subject to change LOL

Thanks for being here friend xo

1.  Why I homeschool my black children

2. Best gifts for your little brown girl you’re a gift

3.  The problem with the U.S. Government

4.  Dear white people, shut up & LISTEN

5. The “other” part of multiracial motherhood no-one talks about

6. Hey Brown girl, they notice YOU!

7. We are not the same

8. The BEST eye-opening articles about race on the internet

9. You should join us

10. Real fears of a scared mom

11. This issue runs deep

12. But first, reparations

13. Please, don’t reach for your gun

14. Use your damn voice already

15. How-to open the door to race-centered conversations

16. Are you avoiding white-owned businesses? (hint* you should be)

17. Stay consistent in the struggle battle

18. Active

19. Raising strong black girls

20. Tell me again?

21. You’re the right person for the job

22. Develop a strong sense of self (Can you even feel our pain?)

23. You better keep your hands to yo’self

24. We are different and yet NOT the same

25. Wait, am I racist?

26. How-to teach self-acceptance to children of color

27. Tangible ways to raise conscious children

28. God, is this a test?!

29. Practice love & force

30. Memory

31. Most importantly, ENJOY your culture